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My name is Matt Jones. As a technology derived executive, I drive real change and thrive on optimising general business operations for success and increased value. With SaaS at my core and in-depth understanding of subscription-based business models, I understand what is needed across product, technology and operational functions to allow modern businesses to grow cleanly and thrive.

Wolfen Consulting is the vehicle for my portfolio work; professional advisory and consultancy, Non-Executive or individual coaching and career development. I am also open to fractional, interim and short term projects in line with my experience.

I was most recently Group COO for ParentPay, leading HR, IT, Security, Customer Operations, Professional Services, Implementation, Facilities and Procurement. Between 2017 and 2021 I was also leading Product, Development and Service Operations.

My B2B SaaS background establishes me as a leading cloud technology executive in the UK market. I have a track record and reputation for resolving ingrained problems and bringing order to chaos, creating and growing global teams whilst developing the people I lead.

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