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Pre Deal Tech DD

Based on an established successful model, covering core technology contexts, the method can be targeted on specific areas of interest. A low challenge approach that reserves judgement and is successful in drawing out risks and red flags. Assignments are flexible and may involve third party tooling if required. A detailed report on the state of the target’s tech and outline costs to remedy any significant investment requirements

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Pre Raise Tech DD

Review and coaching for businesses seeking investment. A review of material information gaps, documentation and data points. The output will be a situational commentary on your technology and suggested data room content or optimisations that best position your business’ technical circumstances.

Post Merger Integration

A review of your new context and a tailored plan to align, associate, refine and integrate your teams appropriately for your “new normal”. You set the strategy and we’ll provide the execution and planning to cover all aspects of the integration to ensure you get the best value creation opportunity from your new asset.

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Organisation and People

The Four Foundations of SaaS

When building or improving a SaaS business we implement a tried and tested model of imperatives that lay out core priorities for the people in your teams. These allow leaders and teams to focus on what’s important in an always complex and busy prioritisation environment. Without these foundations your business will struggle and your people will suffer. This model will help you navigate the depths of complexity and focus the minds of your people on the right things. Keeping them in mind will allow you to grown cleanly and succeed.

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Performance Management 3.0

A simple, easy to use and routine approach to fostering a healthy people focus amongst your managers. This method is a framework for performance management through continual assessment. A scoping workshop followed up by instruction and Q&A sessions with your managers and some time during and after implementation to feedback and ask questions. The goal is to ensure that your managers will always have a real-time view of staff performance which is an output of these routine behaviours to the benefit of all your staff.


Coaching consists of an “a la carte” menu of modules available for tactical interventions for your key staff or longer running, full coaching engagements. I will gather your business needs and tailor the programme to drive a deep sense of professional opportunity for your candidates. They will follow a “your-business” centric approach of my standalone coaching service.

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Driving successful product delivery

Help with understanding successful product delivery models across a range of different, sometimes bespoke, methodologies. We will illustrate how to align your Product, Dev and Ops teams in the best way for your business, whether they’re in office, remote or offshore. Advice and training based on our 90° orchestration approach, one of our success patterns, and adapting it to your business. You will receive a proposal and outline budget for the changes that will help you line up everyone in your organisation for delivery success.

Organisational design

Shaping an organisation for growth can be challenging; having seen many different shapes to solve many problems, we can offer help and onward flexibility to help your organisational structure scale healthily as your business grows.

Focusing on B2B SaaS imperatives, we will review and recommend onward organisational rationale and structure to meet your business needs whilst implementing proven models to allow your business to adapt and change as the business needs it to.

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Last but definitely not least

General consultancy

Our network of consultants has decades of accumulated experience, expertise and accreditations in a wide variety of areas. Whether you need an interim to hit the ground running and bridge a leadership gap, or a dyed in the wool programme delivery agent to turn around a project, or a seasoned developer to help inject momentum into your product team, we will have someone we can call on to help. Check out the network pages and see who is currently available or coming available soon. Any fully utilised consultants won’t appear.

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